Get to know Endrava

We are six consultants who go to work every day to contribute to a world with net zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. We believe that the business community and municipalities are working on important and exciting solutions in the face of the climate challenge, and we want to help companies with the climate journey they are going through.

Our values

We share our knowledge and expertise with others, and it should be possible for others to evaluate our results and conclusions.

We give honest feedback and advice.

We are open to new ideas and perspectives, and we believe in the value of continuous learning and improvement.

We bring our entire selves at work, and treat each other with respect.

We do not have all the answers, and we believe that cooperation is crucial in combating the climate threat.

We need a wide range of perspectives and skills to solve the climate challenge, and we believe the best solutions exist when we work together.

We challenge both ourselves and our customers to reduce our and their climate footprint as much and as well as possible.

Everyone has an independent responsibility to help solve the world’s environmental challenges.

We believe that a healthy work environment is about a good balance between work and leisure, and we believe that a good division of tasks and clear routines lay the foundation for a good culture.

We spend a lot of time at work, and therefore the job should be pleasant, positive and fun for everyone.

Good relationships are based on laughter.

We prioritize team-building and each other.

We do not take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that positive energy and a good atmosphere give our customers extra value.

We strive to uphold our values, and we are committed to being true to ourselves. Trust is essential. We believe that we all have a duty and a right to disagree and speak out. We express different opinions and believe that this gives our projects added value. We always work to deliver on time and in line with customer expectations.

Sustainability at Endrava

Sustainability is the core of what we do at Endrava, and is one of our most important company values. We focus our work on climate, which is the sustainability goal # 13.

Through our work and projects, we also make a contribution to other sustainability goals: 7 clean energy, 9 innovation and infrastructure, 11 sustainable cities and communities, 12 responsible consumption and production, and 17 collaborations to achieve the goals. We take into account all sustainability goals, and as a minimum ensure that our activities do not adversely affect them.

Here is our own carbon footprint

Every year we calculate our own carbon footprint, based on the methods from the GHG protocol. Like many other companies, most of our emissions are indirect, coming from business travel and the products and services we acquire for our work (i.e. computers, monitors, etc.). In 2020, we estimated our total footprint at 3.3 tonnes CO2e.

ScopeEmissions [tonn CO2e]Share of all emissions
Scope 1 – Direct emissions0
Scope 2 – Indirect emissions0,3
Purchased electricity *0
Purchased heating and cooling0,38 %
Scope 3 – Indirect upstream3,0
Purchased goods and services2,164 %
Fuel and energy-related activities (not included in scope 1 or scope 2) *00 %
Business travel0,823 %
Employee commuting0,14 %
Scope 3 – Indirect downstream0,0
Total emissions without compensation3,3tonnes CO2e
Purchase of offsets40tonnes CO2e
Net annual emissions after compensation-36,7tonnes CO2e
* Local mix for electricity produced in Norway
Our climate footprint at Endrava in 2016-2020

We want to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, and therefore we implement the following emission reduction measures at the office:

  • free public transport for all employees,
  • we prefer video conferencing over travel, whenever possible,
  • home office for those who want,
  • we keep our IT equipment as long as possible, and fix it ourselves when needed.

For the emissions we cannot reduce at the moment, we buy CO2 compensation through CHOOOSE , to support projects reducing emissions around the world. To go the extra mile, we actually compensate for much more than what we emit.

When relevant, we collaborate with others on sustainability. Here are some of the organizations Endrava is a member of.

Næring for Klima

Endrava is a member of Næring for Klima : a climate collaboration between Oslo Municipality and companies in the Oslo region. By being a member, we commit to implementing climate solutions to reduce our own footprint, and to collaborate with other organizations to do the same.

Guide against greenwashing

Endrava signed the Guide against greenwashing, with the following promises:

  1. Be honest and accountable.
  2. Make sure that your company’s sustainability efforts are not limited to your communications and marketing departments.
  3. Avoid talking about the importance of sustainability, nature, the climate and ethical trade, if your company has not made serious efforts on these issues yourselves.
  4. Do not under-communicate your company’s own emissions and negative impacts on the climate, nature and human lives.
  5. Be careful using a big share of the marketing budget on small measures that do not affect your company’s footprint significantly.
  6. Avoid buying a clean conscience through climate quotas or by letting others clean up ocean plastic.
  7. Use established labelling, or work towards the establishment of good labeling mechanisms in your industry if it is lacking today.
  8. Be careful using terms such as “better for the climate, nature, and the environment”.
  9. “Cherry Picking” from the UN sustainable development goals can lead you astray.
  10. Donations and sponsorships are great, but not a proof that you are working on sustainability-issues.