Climate journey for private companies

Endrava applauds all companies that want to play a positive role in the climate transition. The climate challenge offers both risks and opportunities, and we want your company to be one of the winners in the green shift. Therefore, we are happy to help your business on all or part of the climate journey you are going through.

Endrava’s climate journey shows a comprehensive climate work, from understanding where you are today, via goals and strategy, and to finding and implementing measures that provide real cuts in emissions. We tailor the climate journey to the needs of your particular business.

Endrava's climate journey

Carbon footprint

What is the company’s carbon footprint? A carbon footprint provides an overview of the company’s annual emissions of greenhouse gases. The emissions are distributed on the activities the company has, such as production of goods, logistics, business travel, IT and offices. The footprint shows where the company has the most emissions, and where it should be reduced.

Endrava relates to the methodology in the GHG Protocol ( Greenhouse Gas Protocol ), where emissions are divided into Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Endrava can help you make both rough footprint analyzes and more detailed climate accounts, depending on your needs. Get in touch to find out what is the best solution for you.

Market analysis

What opportunities and requirements are there out there? Endrava maps the market for green solutions that are relevant to your company. This knowledge helps make strategic decisions for companies that want to cut their own greenhouse gas, and for those want to develop business for greener value chains.

Endrava conducts interviews, analyzes available knowledge and develops quantitative databases to form a complete picture of current opportunities.

“Endrava conducted a mapping of Oslo Municipality’s machine park for the Development and Competence Agency. This work is now a valuable contribution to the targeted work of replacing Oslo Municipality’s machinery to zero emissions by 2025. We experienced Endrava as very efficient, thorough, systematic and solution-oriented. They quickly understood our needs, were easy to work with and solved the task in an exemplary way.

Guro Bøe Wensaas – Responsible for sustainable building and construction in UKE, Oslo municipality

Climate strategy

How should your company work with climate? Endrava helps companies with climate strategy. Companies that take climate risk seriously and look for new opportunities will be the winners in the green shift. A climate strategy ensures a company future competitiveness and profitability.

To be relevant to tomorrow’s customers and employees, it is crucial to link business strategy and climate strategy closely, and ensure that your business model stands in a world heading towards net zero emissions.

Endrava offers everything from courses in climate strategy to complete climate strategy work. We help set goals that are in line with the principles of the Science-Based Targets initiative.

Climate solutions

How can your company best cut emissions? Based on what activities the company has and close dialogue with you, Endrava finds the actions that will be most effective and at the same time realistic for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Endrava assists in identifying relevant actions, calculating the climate effect and implementing the solutions.

Climate management

What does it take for climate work to actually be carried out and bear fruit? Endrava provides advice for climate management in your company. It is about integrating climate work as part of the company’s ordinary operations, and ensuring that the work is put into practice and followed up.

Endrava helps with climate management by, among other things, mapping the maturity of the company, offering templates for planning, roles and responsibilities and providing workshops and courses to strengthen the anchoring and understanding of climate work within the company.

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