Are you ready for the climate journey?

Endrava helps you along the way!

Endrava helps others cut greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is a world with net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To get there, all businesses must go through a climate journey. Endrava’s experienced consultants will help you along the way.

Endrava's climate journey

We have extensive experience with the climate transition

Eric Rambech


Valentin Vandenbussche


Sigrid Møyner Hohle

Advisor in climate psychology and communication

Rebecca Briedis

Adviser in climate-friendly production and consumption

Øystein Liverød

Advisor in climate footprint

Anne Christensen Lerum

Advisor in climate strategy

Endrava’s advisers have extensive experience with the climate transition, from both the public and private sectors. Our expertise is interdisciplinary and covers both the technical, political and psychological dimensions of climate work.

We are experts in climate footprint, climate-related market analysis, strategy, behavioral psychology, and analysis.

We base our work on recognized standards and methods, are happy to work with large amounts of data, and have extensive experience in process management.

Our customers

We work with a large number of organizations and companies, including among others:


We take on a number of different climate-related assignments, including presentations, analyzes and courses.