Tools for the green transition

CaptureMap is the starting point for all decarbonisation projects. Our map-based platform shows large CO2 emitters at facility-level, on a global scale. CaptureMap provides a comprehensive overview of large facilities within power and heat, industry and waste incineration, with detailed information on their activities and CO2 emissions.

The tool is used by many Norwegian and international companies in the CCUS industry in the search for potential customers for technology or services for capture, transport, use and storage of CO2.

These companies use CaptureMap:

About us

Endrava helps others reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2012, the team from Endrava has worked with climate for private and public organisations, across sectors: transport, industry, energy, production and consumption. The company was originally established as a consulting firm in 2016, and now focuses on tool development for the green transition.

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